Zermatt anniversary


On 14 July 1865 Edward Whymper reached the summit of the Matterhorn together with his ill-fated companions. 150 years later, the Matterhorn still dominates the life of the resort at its base - the Alpine Club was invited to participate in anniversary events in Zermatt

Robert Caukwell

It is with sadness that we report the recent death of Robert Caukwell. He was a member of the AC for 47 years from 1960, resigning in 2007 due to illness.

Nepal Charity Auction

Famous faces, big name brands and world-renowned mountaineers are donating their time and expertise as well as personal treasures to help raise funds for the earthquake relief effort in Nepal.

Bidding opens on Sunday 28 June in a series of two online auctions led by the BMC with support from the Alpine Club in partnership with eBay.

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Grant Awards


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This year the Alpine Club is supporting seven expeditions to the Greater Ranges with grants from its Climbing Fund.

The aim of these grants is to support AC members on expeditions that have an exploratory element or are attempting a new or unique project. Preference is generally given to expeditions comprising students and younger members, and to those woh have not previously been awarded a grant.

Alpine Club T-Shirts

The AC T-shirts are great to wear. They come in unisex seize S / M / L and are made from 'technical' wicking fabric.

The colour is charcoal and they are manufactured by Fruit of the Loom of high quality standard.

Tribute to Dennis Davis from Dennis Gray

Dennis was without doubt a leading British alpinist of the 1950's and into the 1960's. My own keenest memories of my own climbs with him were an ascent of Pigott's route in the big winter of 1962/3, when he led the final crack with its severe ice coating, shod in tricouni studded boots in the coldest conditions I have experienced in the UK, and an ascent around the same period of the Western Gully of Black Ladders. It was on such winter climbs, and in the Alps and the Himalaya that Dennis showed his outstanding abilities as a mountaineer.

Dennis Davis

An extract from a tribute written by Jim Gregson for the Karabiner Mountaineering Club

From 1946 onwards, Dennis had amassed a huge range of experience in the UK and the European Alps, but he also had the drive and ambition that allowed him to make his mark in the Greater Ranges. He had tried to get a place on the expedition which made the first ascent of Kangchenjunga but this was not to be. Instead, Dennis went in the same year, 1955, to the Rolwaling Himal where in a single lengthy trip his expedition team made first ascents of no less than 19 peaks of 20,000 feet altitude. In 1957 he went back to altitude in Nepal on expedition to Annapurna IV with Charles Evans and then to Distaghil Sar.

Swiss Alpine Club Huts

There are 153 Swiss Alpine Club huts available at concessionary rates to AC members. As is usual with concessionary rates in alpine huts, the reduction applies to accommodation charges only (not to food and drinks). The guardian should automatically recognise the concession when Alpine Club members produce their membership card but, in case of difficultly, the SAC document authorising such concessions is available here. AC members may wish to print off a copy and carry it with them as insurance against any issues.


The AC has published comprehensive English language guidebooks covering popular regions of the Alps. These are listed below and are all available for purchase from the Club except for The 4000m Peaks of the Alps which is available from Cordee

Guides can be purchased using the PayPal checkout below or by contacting the Alpine Club Office on 020 7613 0755.


Valais Alps West 1998 £5.00
Ecrins Massif 2002 £5.00
Dolomites West and East 2005 £5.00
Dolomites (Small) 1988 £5.00
Mont Blanc 1 2002 £5.00
Mont Blanc 2 2002 £5.00
Bregalia Bernina 1995 £5.00
Bernese Oberland 2003 £5.00

An additional charge of £4.50 for postage and packing will be included with your order. Alternatively, you can arrange with us to collect your order from our Shoreditch premises.

Please note: The alpine landscape and climbing conditions have changed significantly since these guides were first published, as higher temperatures have melted snow, ice and permafrost. Users must use their own judgment on how this affects the feasibility or safety of any particular route or approach.


Guide Book





The Alpine Journal

The Alpine Journal is a substantial annual record of mountaineering achievement which has been published continuously since 1859. The premier publication of the Alpine Club, every year it features the finest examples of mountain writing, art and photography from around the world, alongside trip reports by cutting-edge mountaineers, book reviews and area notes.

It is issued free to members, but is also available to purchase at £26.00 plus £4.50 P&P. The current issue can be purchased directly from the Club using the PayPal checkout below or by contacing the Alpine Club Office on 020 7613 0755.

If you would prefer to avoid the postage costs, orders can be collected from our Shoreditch premises. Please cointact us to make arrangements.

Previous Alpine Journal issues are available for purchase via Cordee.





Alpine Club T-Shirt

Available in unisex sizes S / M / L the Alpine Club t-shirts are made from a technical, fast-wicking fabric that is comfortable to wear while active. The colour is black and they are manufactured by Fruit of the Loom.

T-shirts cost £16.00 each plus £4.50 postage and packaging. If you would prefer to avoid postage costs, you can arrange with us to collect your order from our Shoreditch premises.

T-shirts can be purchased using the PayPal checkout below or by phoning the Alpine Club Office on 020 7613 0755.






The First Descent of the Matterhorn

AC Member Alan Lyall's book represents a lifetime of research and serves as a full bibliographic guide to the 1865 accident that so defined the first ascent of the Matterhorn. Lyall digs into both the accident itself, in which four climbers lost their lives, and the aftermath, using illustrations from contemporary sources, biographies of all those involved and reproductions of original documents to illuminate one of mountaineering's most famous tragedies. 

The copies available for sale are all part of the first and only print run, making this a rare and unique piece for your mountain library. The book costs £25.00 plus £4.50 P&P, but is available to AC members at a reduced price of £20.00 plus £4.50 P&P. (To avoid postage costs, you can arrange with us to collect your order from our Shoreditch premises.)

The book can be purchased using the PayPal checkout below or by phoning the Alpine Club Office on 020 7613 0755.






Alpine Club Buff

The Buff - a handy mountain accessory designed to keep you head and neck warm in the cold but also wick away moisture in hot weather - is now available in an Alpine Club design. This lightweight, breathable, microfibre fabric is wind resistant, extremely comfortable to wear and a great way to celebrate your membership of the world's first mountaineering club.

The buffs are priced at £13.00 each plus £3.50 postage and packaging and can be brought using the PayPal checkout below or by phoning the Alpine Club Office on 020 7613 0755. If you would like to avoid postage costs, you can arrange with us to collect your order from our Shoreditch premises.





Alpine Club Reusable Cup

Made with naturally organic bamboo fibre, our bespoke reusable cups are elegant and stylish. With a biodegradable base material, the cups are BPA & phthalate-free, dishwasher safe and come with a resealable no-drip lid. In a nod to our commitment to preserving the mountain environment, the cups' insulative grips are emblazoned with the motto "For mountains wild and clean". 

They are very competitively priced at just £8.00 plus £3.50 p&p and can be purchased either by using the PayPal checkout below or by phoning the Alpine Club Office on 020 7613 0755. If you would like to avoid postage costs, you can arrange with us to collect your order from our Shoreditch premises.