Greater Ranges Meets

Greater Ranges Meets are designed to serve as a stepping stone for those members who wish to progress from climbing in the Alps to undertaking expedition climbing in more remote and less explored regions.
The last belay on Alpamayo, 2023 Greater Ranges Meet to the Cordillera Blanca - Sam Polleti
These annual meets will take place in established climbing areas in the Greater Ranges, such as the Andes of South America. Here members will have the opportunity to climb 5000m-6000m peaks via established routes at relatively low cost and with minimal logistical support. Such objectives provide an excellent adventure and invaluable experience of what it's like to climb at higher altitudes on more complex peaks.

Objectives are likely to range from PD upwards, and most will require an approach trek of one or two days, one or two camps, and independent decision-making by climbing teams. Logistical support can be arranged in the days before each objective, minimising the requirement for extensive planning prior to the meet.

Hotel accommodation is booked for the duration of meets and used as a base for participants between climbing trips. Members will generally seek to acclimatise together, or in small groups, before independent pairs or teams pursue their own itineraries and objectives. 

Karen Frake and Tom Davis-Merry descending from the glacial camp of Nevado Copa - Alan Halewood

Karen Frake on the summit ridge of Nevado Vicos (5315m) - Alan Halewood
In order to attend a Greater Ranges Meet, participants must be Full Members with suitable and recent summer alpine experience and are encouraged to attend as established climbing teams. Individual participants are of course welcome and will be teamed up with another participant prior to departing for the meet.

The next Greater Ranges Meet is the AC Cordillera Real Meet 2024.

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AC Cordillera Blanca Meet 2023


If you would like to learn more about Greater Ranges Meets or to book a place on an upcoming GRM, please contact Tom Davis-Merry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.