We are sad to learn of the death on 10 March of Ted Norrish, a member since 1975.




#1 Sherry Macliver 2022-04-05 17:25
Bill Roberts writes:
Ted was an old-style mountaineer: by that judgement, I meant to imply that he was not so much interested in getting to the tops of mountains as in getting to know them. Ted says of himself: "I was not an outstanding athlete or mountaineer". Nevertheless, not many climbers can have been so active or achieved so much. He climbed in the Alps, the Himalaya, Canada, the Arctic, and travelled extensively. He was extraordinarily enterprising in his travels, which he described in a marvellously entertaining book, titled 'Cursus Honorum' in deference to his love of the classics. He was an exceptionally interesting man to know and everyone who knew him will miss him.

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