Members will be saddened to learn that Denise Evans died on 25 November, peacefully with her family.  Denise was President of the Alpine Club in 1986, the only female President in the Club’s history.


#1 David Medcalf 2023-12-06 13:03
In the last few years I was privileged to get to know Lady Denise Evans (she would be cross at me using her title, but the circumstances warrant it, of course). Her house at Capel Curig was a great tribute to a life lived to the full, with piles of books, disks, film canisters and, inevitably, marine charts to parts of the world I would never have considered sailing to. Not for nothing was her autobiography entitled "Waypoints to Eternity" and I suppose that's where she's bound. In AC terms she was unique in being the only female President, taking on the role when Anthony Rawlinson died on Crib Goch - obviously also unique in being the only woman to follow her husband as President of the AC (Charles Evans was President in 1967-70 and was knighted in 1969). She was always fun to listen to, with matter-of-fact descriptions of gnarly voyages or early Himalayan expeditions. Some of her Himalayan exploits have been brought to life through Pinnacle Club 100 Year celebrations, and her film of the 1962 female expedition to Jagdula is can be seen on YouTube. It is sad to lose her, but at the age of 92 she knew she had run her course and peacefully passed away with her sons by her side.

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