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Club News

Alpine ClubCast 17 – 28th July at 19:30

UK climbing adventures

As our final ClubCast before the summer break, we are focusing on UK climbing adventures, so as to offer some inspiration for the coming weeks when the usual travel further afield may not be possible. 

Richard Ive talks about climbing the ‘three’ great Scottish sea stacks in a 4-day push, Noel Williams talks about the traverse of the Skye Cuillin and Mick Fowler will focus on Skeleton Ridge on the Isle of Wight, but talk about other chalk climbs.

The talks will be followed, as usual, by a Q&A and then by a mountaineering quiz.


Alpine ClubCast 16 – 21st July at 19:30

An Evening with the American Alpine Club: Link Sar First Ascent

The Alpine ClubCasts head across the Atlantic for an evening with the AAC.  Graham Zimmerman, Mark Richey, and Steve Swenson (guest of honour at the Alpine Club dinner in 2017) join us to talk about their brilliant first ascent of Link Sar (7,041m) in the Eastern Karakoram in Pakistan, one of the last great Himalayan problems. 

Link Sar is situated in the Charakusa Valley and sits between the better known K6 and K7.  After Jon Griffith and Andy Houseman’s first ascent of the North West Face of Link Sar West in 2015, a route they named 'Fever Pitch’, and an attempt by Tom Ballard and Daniele Nardi on the North East face, the main peak was finally climbed by Steve Swenson, Graham Zimmerman, Chris Wright and Mark Richey in August 2019.  Steve Swenson, for whom this was the third attempt at the summit, wrote on Instagram after his 2017 attempt: 'It's a complex and dangerous mountain, and we didn't reach the top. But we made a significant effort to find a safe route that avoids the objective hazards. We plan to return so we can finish what we started.'  Join us on Tuesday to hear how they finally did just that.

As usual we will finish with a Q&A

Alpine ClubCast 15 – 14th July at 19:30

Perfect Storm: First ascents on the forgotten side of Mont Blanc

Simon Richardson and Micha Rinn describe recent first ascents of the Diamond Ridge on the Grandes Jorasses and Perfect Storm on Mont Blanc. 

The talk will start with renowned Italian climbing historian Luca Signorelli outlining significant historical events on the Italian side of the range, and finish with a Q&A.