Alpine Club Tech Talks 2022

In November 2022, the Alpine Club will present a series of workshops via Zoom focused on contemporary topics in mountain safety. The sessions will run over Zoom and will be open to members of the Alpine Club, Scottish Mountaineering Club and the Eagle Ski Club.


A climber looks into the camera while holding a navigation device and speaking into an earpiece.


The schedule for the Tech Talks is as follows:

03 November 2022 - What Happens When You Call for Rescue? - With Gendarme Francois Gouy of the Chamonix PGHM, we look at what information rescue teams need to best assist us in the mountains and what you should expect from a rescue team.

10 November 2022 - Mountaineering In the Digital Age - Photographer and prolific mountaineer Ben Tibbetts joins us to discuss what climbers need from apps and what products are currently available to assist planning, navigation and rescue in the mountains.

17 November 2022 - The Case for Paper - Following on from our sessions looking at how technology can assist us in the mountains, we host a discussion with Lindsay Griffin and Alex Buisse to examine what benefits paper maps and guidebooks can provide in a tech-focused age.


All of the sessions will begin at 7:30PM and Club members will be sent the Zoom invitation via email ahead of time.

We will conclude each talk with a Q&A as well as a discussion among attendees.


As we head towards the winter, this is the perfect time to refresh our thinking on issues of mountain safety and we hope to provide a useful forum for the sharing of advice and best practice.