Some information just after the passage of the disturbance. We will know more tomorrow at the end of the day!
Unfortunately, we had more wind than snow. It's difficult to estimate the quantities as it was so windy (10cm at the bottom of the valley, 15 at 2,000m, 25 at 3,500).
We are told that the conditions in the Aiguilles Rouges are quite variable. The quality of the snow is very changeable depending on the slopes and the exposure. You can find everything: a load-bearing crust with a little powder on it, a thin crust of ice that breaks, but also accumulations (some more dangerous, some less. Some good to ski, some less) and icy slopes. The wind and the layers of fog are probably responsible for this.
A team turned back on the slope (traverse) just before the brèche de Bérard (big accumulations + whumpfs). The col de Beugeant/Encrenaz on the Buet side is said to be totally ice/glazed snow.
Col de Salenton (quite good ski to the refuge) and col de Bérard tracked. Visually the southern slopes of the Buet are smooth. The little bit of snow "softened" the return to Le Buet. We hope for better conditions elsewhere (Contamines or Bel Oiseau sector)!
Caution, sharp edges, ski crampons, a good level of skiing technique and good experience are therefore required!
"Glacier des Rognons not great, Col d'Argentière good but it was hot".
In the Vallée Blanche, the skiing was pleasant up to the Requin (Petit Envers, Moyen Envers, slopes of the Rognon). A big hole was reported right under the Petit Rognon. The Vallée Classique seems to have taken a bit more wind.
On the other side (Vierge, Vallée Noire, climbs up to the Périades) it's visually quite damaged by the wind.
The Salle à Manger is OK even if it's not very snowy for the time of year.
The same goes for the Mer de Glace, but you can ski to the grotto.
No change for the descent via the Mottets buvette: for good skiers, you will scratch your skis a bit on the glacier and then a few stones are found in the bends just before the Planards farm.
Report translated from La Chamoniarde.