La Chamoniarde mountain conditions report for 02 December 2022


Winter is certainly here but it’s being a bit shy. 


Snow cover is relatively good above 2,000m. There are still a lot of rocks at this altitude, especially in our massif. 

Ski touring is possible around Le Tour and the Col de Balme. You can just about ski from the car park. Follow the 4WD track up to Charamillon: watch out for rocks and especially for people who are going up.   

Some activity on the Bel Oiseau and probably elsewhere too. You will have to carry skis for a bit. 


The Grands Montets is opening partially from tomorrow (forfait 31€ for the Bochard lift). The run is not pisted and it is artificial snow. So definitely for good skiers and just for this weekend (03 - 04 Dec). Information for the weekend 10 - 11 December will follow depending on snow cover. Complete opening will be from 15 December. 

The snow cover is thin and there are still a lot of rocks.   Off-piste skiing very much not advised. For those who are skinning into the Argentière basin watch out for crevasses on the Rognon glacier and on the Argentière glacier. There’s not enough snow for the classic descent from the Col du Passon down to Le Tour. 


Outings (mainly on ski) from the Helbronner are possible but you will need solid glacier experience. Remember that the ladders leading down to the to the Toule glacier are no longer accessible. The Rébuffat goulotte is very (too) dry. The Gervasutti couloir and the Voie Normale on the Tour Ronde could be considered. 


No info concerning the gullies in other sectors. Chardonnet (Albert 1er access by the moraine or the Col du Passon but not from Charamillon and the summer path); Argentière (Petit Viking...), Plan de l'Aiguille etc. Please send us any information if you do go. 

No ice in the valley yet (except in your drinks). If you do go to the rive gauche of Argentière (Déferlante etc) let us know how you get on. 


It’s still a bit early to get out on snowshoes and a bit late for a lot of the main footpaths except below 1,600m (chalet du Chapeau, buvette de la Floria, Cerro). If you’re well-equipped (good boots, poles, micro crampons) and you’re experienced it’s possible to get to the chalets de Chailloux and Loriaz (snow shoes will be useful higher up). 


Unfortunately there is not enough snow for the Nordic ski tracks to open. The planned opening date of 03 December has been pushed back. The opening date will be announced when conditions improve. 


Translated with permission from an original report by La Chamoniarde.

Readers are reminded that conditions in mountain environments are prone to (sometimes rapid) change and that they should use their own best judgement when visiting them.