Born in Bolzano and growing up in Udine, Italy, Riccarda de Eccher  only started creating art in her forties. Now she is well known for her realistic and insightful depictions of mountains in the Italian Alps. 

From her youth, Riccarda climbed the mountains on her doorstep often completing first all-female ascents of major routes yet at the time for them it felt as if it was nothing remarkable. No longer.  Her detailed treatment of cliffs and snow fields is a singular experience. It is clear from the moment you see her work that she is an Alpinist as well as a Painter

Her work has been displayed at the Casa Cavazzini Museo d’Arte e Contemporanea, Udine Italy; the Galleria d’Arte Moderna Enrico de Cillia, Treppo Carnico, Italy; the Sala delle Esposizioni, Bolzano, Italy; the Gallery ArtCube, Paris, France; and the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, Charleston, USA. She lives and works in Long Island, New York.

We are extremely fortunate and excited to be able to show her spectacular and evocative paintings this autumn.

The exhibition opens at 18:30 on 11 September at 55 Charlotte Road and will be followed by the lecture by Uisdean Hawthorn at 19:30.