After superb winter meet in Morskie Oko in March 2018, We would like to return to the Tatra Mountains in February 2019. This time visiting Hala Gasienicowa, which is one of the major winter climbing areas in Poland.

There are lots of superb mixed routes that are moderate in terms of their length (3 to 8 pitches) and difficulty (polish III to V). Apart of this, there are lots of alpine style (PD/AD) ridges (Swinica, Granaty) that do not require much technical climbing but in good weather offer fantastic views over the Tatras.

Objective: The Tatra Mountains are situated on the border between Poland and Slovakia. During winter, they offer excellent alpine style climbing – snow, ice and mixed routes followed by sharp ridges that take you to spiky summits. Descents are and often tricky. There is no problem with acclimatisation as the altitude is 2000 – 2600m. Majority of the routes can be done in one day. There are lots of climbing routes at various difficulty and length. We would like to take a group of 12 members of the Alpine Club (full or aspirants). More information about climbing in the Tatras can be found on the web site:

Dates: 2 - 10 February 2019

Location: Hala Gasienicowa is one of two climbing areas in the Polish Tatras. It is a pretty valley with a lake in the middle. It is surrounded by several peaks that offer excellent winter climbing. Routes are here a little bit shorter than around Morskie Oko, which we visited in March 2018.

Logistics: the nearest airport is in Krakow and there are lots of cheap flights from all major airports in the UK. Krakow which is a beautiful city with historical centre is an ideal meeting point. From there, it is about 2-hour bus journey to Zakopane. After that, 3 hour hike to the refuge in Hala Gasienicowa.


02.02.2019 (Saturday) – Everyone flies to Krakow, dinner and drinks in the historical city centre. Overnight stay in a hostel.

03.02.2019 (Sunday) – Bus transfer to Zakopane, overnight stay in Zakopane. Possible ice climbing or skiing in the afternoon.

04.02.2019 (Monday) – Walk to the mountain hut (3 hrs), meet with mountain rescue officer to check weather and snow reports. Possible short climb or walk in the afternoon.

5.02.2019 (Tuesday) – Climbing

06.02.2019 (Wednesday) – Climbing

07.02.2019 (Thursday) – Climbing

08.02.2019 (Friday) – Climbing

09.02.2019 (Saturday) – Climbing in the morning. Walk back to Zakopane in the afternoon. Overnight stay in Zakopane. Dinner and drinks in Zakopane.

10.02.2019 (Sunday)  – Early morning, bus transfer to Krakow Airport (2 hours). 

Suggested number of participants: 12

Organiser: Rafal Malczyk (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)