The New Zealand Alpine Club are celebrating their 125th anniversary by hosting an international conference on Sustainable Summits, August 7-11 2016, at Aoraki Mount Cook.

This event follows on from the American Alpine Club’s hosting of the 2014 Sustainable Summits conference in Golden, Colorado (USA).

The programme is still being finalised, but the themes are, not surprisingly, Environmental impacts (of humans), natural hazards and social impacts/cultural values. The speakers are from the Europe, USA, Nepal, and of course NZ itself and so will bring a diversity of case studies and solutions to the table.

More information about speakers and can be found on the conference website:

and on the conference Facebook page:

A roundup of the 2014 conference has been published by Alpinist:

And if you want to see what the Kiwis are up to, the NZ Alpine Club website is at


The Alpine Club is NOT offering to sponsor anyone to attend this conference, but if you are in the area you might find it of interest. We will all be interested in new ideas and shared solutions that result from this event, and so will be watching the website.