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Dr Mike Stembridge: Cardiovascular performance in the mountains
Tuesday 13 October 2020, 07:30pm
Contact Derek Buckle
Tuesday 13 October 2020
Cardiovascular performance in the mountains: adaptation to hypoxia in lowlanders and high altitude natives: Dr Mike Stembridge is a Senior Lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University, with a research interest in how the human body adapts to hypoxia, and how these adjustments facilitate exercise performance.


His lecture will cover how the human heart and blood vessels adapt to life under the low oxygen levels experienced at high altitude. Findings from multiple research expeditions to Mount Everest Basecamp and the Peruvian Andes will be reported, including data from populations native to high altitude environments such as Sherpa. 

Mike will also provide an overview of the positives and pitfalls of performing scientific research in some of the most remote and challenging environments on earth.
Location London
55/56 Charlotte Road