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LONDON LECTURE. Sebastian Coulthard: Empirical Expeditions - Can the past be recreated faithfully?
Tuesday 23 February 2016, 07:30pm
Tuesday 23 February 2016

In January 2013, the 'Shackleton Epic' team, which was set up at the behest of The Hon. Alexandra Shackleton, became the first people in history to faithfully recreate Sir Ernest Shackleton's small boat voyage across the Southern Ocean - remarkably they did so with precisely the same equipment as Shackleton himself. From the clothing to the boat, the sextant, the reindeer skin blankets, and of course the starvation diet. Sailor, Engineer and Explorer Seb Coulthard will give a personal insight into exactly why these epic events are recreated. Is it thrill seeking? Is it curiosity? Or, is it a new form of exploration? One of Seb's future expeditions will forensically investigate the reason why Mallory and Irvine failed to return from Everest in June 1924.

Seb is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, GB Chapter Chair for The Explorers Club, joint recipient of the Royal Institute of Navigation Certificate of Achievement, and a Royal Yachting Association and Union Internationale Motonautique international powerboat world record holder. 
Location London
55/56 Charlotte Road