Ramsden and Miller Make First Ascent of Unnamed 6,563m Peak

Paul Ramsden descending from the newly climbed 'Jugal Spire'

AC member Tim Miller has recently returned from Nepal where, alongside fellow AC member Paul Ramsden, he made the first ascent of a previously unclimbed and unnamed peak via a 1,200m route the pair have dubbed 'The Phantom Line'.

In a post on his professional Facebook page, Tim explained that the route follows a single diagonal line of ice across an otherwise featureless face at what he describes as "an amenable grade".

The expedition was supported by both the Alpine Club and the Mount Everest Foundation. Members are reminded that they are entitled to apply for funding from the AC Climbing Fund for their expeditions.

The ascent took the pair five days and they have kindly shared a topo of the route with us which you can see below:

A topo showing Ramsden and Miller's line following a clear line of ice from bottom right to top left across the face