Everest, by 'Those Who Were There' 1921, 1922, 1924

This exhibition celebrates the centennial of the 1921 reconnaissance of Mount Everest and the first attempts to reach the summit in 1922 and 1924. It uses the words of the expedition members themselves to tell the story, from the first suggestions to tackle the mountain made in the 19th century to the successes and failures of the first expeditions and final tragedy of 1924. Through the climbers' diaries, journals and letters, through their art work and photographs, and from their clothing and equipment, visitors to the exhibition will gain new insight into how these men thought and what they accomplished.
The Alpine Club's Honorary Librarian Barbara Grigor-Taylor compiled the material for the exhibition and wrote the catalogue. She was assisted by the Club's Keepers of Photographs and of Artefacts, and by the Honorary Archivist. Such a wide range of material from Alpine Club Collections covering the first three Everest expeditions has not been shown before now; some items are shown for the first time in a century. The catalogue reflects this; it is a complelling companion piece to the exhibition, reproducing every item shown, and is a collector's item in itself.
Full details of the exhibition including opening times and how to book are available here. The catalogue is available for purchase at the exhibition itself or via the dedicated catalogue page. A limited number of the catalogues have been signed by various Everest luminaries, including Sir Chris Bonington and Leo Houlding and are also available for purchase.
We hope that both Club members and the public will take advantage of this rare opportunity to experience 'Everest, by Those Who Were There'. Please encourage any friends and family with an interest in mountaineering to attend. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate both the work of the Alpine Club in preserving and curating climbing history, and its important role in the first expeditions to Mount Everest.