The Kapadia Interviews

Harish Kapaida is a renowned Himalayan mountaineer and author. He has written extensively on the Himalayas as well as being an Editor of the Himalayan Journal. In 2023, along with a substantial collection of images, Harish donated an archive of video interviews to the Alpine Club Library. These interviews, which feature notable figures from the world of mountaineering, will be released weekly on the Alpine Club YouTube channel from December 2023 onwards and will also be available to browse via this page. 



Episode 2 - Stephen Venables

The second interview we are releasing from the Kapadia Interviews Archive features British mountaineer Stephen Venables and was conducted in February 2012. Among many other topics, Harish and Stephen discuss Stephen's youth in the UK, his early expeditions to Afghanistan and his famous ascent of Everest's Kangshung Face.





Episode 1 - Chris Bonington

In a wide-ranging interview, conducted in March 2008, Sir Chris discusses his personal journey into climbing, his 1970 expedition to the south face of Annapurna, the evolution in Himalayan style from siege to alpine and his experience of managing mountaineering teams in a leadership role.