Everest from the North Col, 1922 - from the Alpine Club Collection
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About the Himalayan Index
The Himalayan Index has been compiled from journals, magazines and books in the Alpine Club Library and is regularly updated. Its object is to direct you to articles about peaks which interest you. We have extracted a few basic facts from each article, such as the date, personnel of the expedition, and the route attempted or climbed. However you will need to read the articles yourself to get more detail. In the Club's database, but not on this website are 38,000 names of expedition members.
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Coverage 2850 peaks over 6000m in Himalaya, Karakoram, Tibet, Hindu Kush, China. Not yet the former Soviet Union. For each peak we store alternative names, height, latitude and longitude.
6400 ascents of, or attempts on these peaks, together with the year and the route as named.
5600 references to articles, and whether they include a photo or diagram.
The Alpine Journal, American Alpine Journal, Himalayan Journal have been comprehensively searched. Many other sources are also referenced, including many expedition reports and a few books. Very little from languages other than English.
We have excluded most repeats of frequently climbed routes, unless there is a particular point of interest, or a particularly informative report on the mountain.
Please note that the information can only be as reliable as the original articles. We correct errors if we know about them, but mostly we just record what we read.
The Alpine Club Library in no way warrants the accuracy of information on this site, and is not responsible for any actions that individuals may take as a direct or indirect consequence of the information provided.
We invite corrections and additions. We particularly welcome donations of expedition reports, which can be of great use to subsequent parties. Please send contributions to Alpine Club Library, 55 Charlotte Road, London EC2A 3QF.
Members of the 1922 Everest Expedition - from the Alpine Club Collection