In years gone by the Alpine Club made specific arrangements between the Alpine Club and CAF, SAC and CAI and for that reason reference is made to these national clubs on the Alpine Club membership card 

The Alpine Club’s concession arrangement with the Swiss Alpine Club entitles Alpine Club members to receive the same discount as Swiss Alpine Club members and is detailed within the text on the SAC- CAS web page (see link below).

The key words translate to state that members of the Alpine Club and the Société des Touristes du Dauphiné receive discount rates in the huts without the need to have a card bearing the reciprocal stamp.

“Members of the following associations as well as any person with a valid membership card bearing the reciprocity stamp (exception: STD and AC no stamp required), enjoy the same taxes in the CAS cabins as CAS members”

To avoid any doubt about receiving this discount that your Alpine Club membership entitles you to, I would suggest you carry a copy of the “Plakat Huetten 2012.pdf” as well as of course your Alpine Club membership card.