Some information concerning the amount of snow that has fallen over the last two days

This morning (Wednesday) it was reported:

- Cosmiques Hut: 60 cm on average, wind affected.
- Couvercle Hut: 15 cm, the snow settling rapidly.
- Albert 1er Hut: 40 cm on average, wind affected.
- Conscrits Hut: only a few centimètres due to the strong foehn wind.

- Grands Mulets Hut: 60 cm (wind)
- Tête Rousse Hut: 40/60 cm
- Torino Hut: between 20 and 40 cm (wind)

As activity in the high mountains is only just restarting, there is no information for conditions above the huts.  Be warned, there is likely to be important accumulations of snow in certain sectors due to the strong winds. 

For the moment, (Wednesday,) there is a lot of fresh snow on the rocks in the Aiguille Rouges.