The Global Adventure & Mountaineering Conference and Expo November 2016, Kathmandu

For those in the AC membership that are active commercially or personally in adventure tourism, especially in Nepal or the Himalaya generally, a conference and expo has been brought to our attention that you might find of interest – the Global Adventure & Mountaineering Conference and Expo 2016.

It seems a bit like a Nepali OutDoor Show and the European Outdoor Summit combined, and set in Kathmandu. The Alpine Club has long been a keen supporter of Nepal, hence this publicity.

From the organisers:

The objective is to provide an international forum for exchange of knowledge, skills, products, services and building consensus on international issues relating to mountaineering and adventure.

GAMCE 2016 has been inspired by the remarkable growth in world adventure sports and tourism. The event is also motivated by Nepal’s aspiration, as a leading destination and cradle of adventure and mountaineering, to claim its long-due and rightful place in international mountaineering and adventure sports issues. The event is also a desperate but proactive solution to recover from the devastation of April 25th 2015 earthquake.

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