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The lectures provide a good opportunity for AC members to meet one another and exchange news, views and information. New members and prospective members are particularly welcome. Prospective members are asked to contact the AC office before attending. Lectures start at 7:30pm in general

For the lectures in London, non-members are asked to register their attendance in advance by contacting the office at admin@alpine-club.org.uk  (please note that a donation is requested on entry)

Anyone who has had an interesting trip and would be prepared to lecture is invited to contact the AC Office or the organisers.

Each event includes a clickable map with the address of the venue.

Events Calendar

Hywel Lloyd - The Golden Age of Alpinism and British Victorian Climbers
Thursday 09 March 2017, 07:30pm
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Thursday 09 March 2017

AC Library Chairman, Hywel Lloyd, has organised an exhibition entitled "The Golden Age of Alpinism and British Victorian Climbers" in collaboration with the Frenchay Tuckett Society in Bristol, which features photographs and artefacts of the early club presidents, their equipment and guides from the Alps to the Caucasus. The Frenchay Village Museum is housed in the restored gatehouse to the former Frenchay Hospital at 1 Begbrook Park, Frenchay, Bristol, BS16 1SZ. The Exhibition is open from 7 January through to the end of March on Wednesdays 1pm to 4pm, Saturdays and Sundays 2pm to 5pm.

Hywel is giving a lecture, "The Golden Age of Alpinism & British Victorian Climbers", will be on Thursday 9th March. It will be at 7.30 pm and the exhibition will be specially open on that Thursday from 5.00 pm until 7.00 pm for AC members. The lecture venue is Quaker Meeting House, Beckspool Road, Frenchay, BS16 1NT. Beckspool Road is a continuation of Begbrook Park and the Quaker Meeting House is about 600 metres from the Museum on LHS; reasonable parking on local streets. 

Location South West
1 Begbrook Park, Frenchay
BS16 1SZ
For more information about the Frenchay Village Museum, see: http://www.frenchaymuseumarchives.co.uk/MuseumPage01.htm